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Using LinkedIn for Recruitment

This is a recording of a recent webinar I presented which was looking at how to use LinkedIn for recruitment. As I see it, there are four main ways in which LinkedIn can be utilised:

  1. Branding
  2. Broadcasting
  3. Searching and Contacting
  4. Advertising

There is no doubt that this application has changed how many recruiters work and has certainly changed how databases are used and has contributed to the passive applicant approach.


Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn now has 150+ million users – Lots of profiles and users. When I go into an advanced search and click on seach of my 1st, 2nd & Group contacts, over 95,000 results appear – just in Ireland!

There are 16 different account types available so it can be confusing on which type to used. It depends on how much you use LinkedIn but if you want to have availability to profiles, I would suggest looking at a basic paid account as the minimum.


1.      Branding

Personal Company
Build up profile fully (100% complete)

Get recommendations / endorsements

Connect with relevant individuals

Join relevant groups

Use Apps

Company profile / Careers Page

Get employees connected

Relevant information

Ensure looks well

Build up followers


2.      Broadcast

Many recruiters use LinkedIn simply to push their jobs. My view is that unless the job you push is relevant to your connections, and then it is Spam. As yourself the questions, are my connections better off because they are connected to me?

Perhaps if you provide information (which can include some jobs) that is relevant, then there is  a better chance that this is the case.

  • Updates – relevant information
  • Thought Leadership
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Start Discussions / polls
  • Share jobs

3.      Search

Of course we all know how powerful LinkedIn can be for finding profiles and passive candidates, as discussed above, it is recommended to have a basic paid account if you need to utilise this feature.

Advanced Search (free)

  • Limited results – 3rd degree, 100 results

Premium Account

  • More profiles
  • More information

Contacting People

  1. Contacts – organise & tag
  2. Group Members
  3. Inmails
  4. Phone Numbers & Email – Google
  5. Find through other means

-Twitter, G+, Skype, Facebook

4.      Advertising


According to LinkedIn, 50% of applicants to jobs which are paid for and posted on LinkedIn have job presented to them. They use a variety of means to decide on which jobs to push in front of certain people which include job title, industry, skills and keywords.


Post jobs as group discussions

Broadcast your jobs as status updates

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One Response to “Using LinkedIn for Recruitment”

  • Carmel says:

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information with the group. I recently started doing contract recruiting and my contract with my last client ended and decided to consult while waiting for my next contract job. Your webinar is just what I needed to get started using LinkedIn for recruiting qualified candidates.
    I look forward to viewing more webinars and hope that I may contact you if I have any questions.

    Thanks again.
    Carmel Bender

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