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Passive versus Active candidates


While preparing a recent webinar I presented on the 6 step guide to internet recruiting, I felt it important to put down some ideas I have on passive versus active candidates.  Personally I think that too often candidates are labelled as active or passive. I prefer to think of candidates of being a state of activeness or passiveness, which changes constantly:

  1. Not  currently working – will apply for as many jobs as possible
  2. Searches for jobs regularly and applies for many
  3. Searches for jobs sometimes  e.g when they have had a bad day at work
  4. Uses LinkedIn to build profile and hopes to be approached – will apply for specific jobs of presented to them
  5. Open to hearing about jobs through referrals or if headhunted
  6. Would consider a move if someone wants to offer dream job or offer more money
  7. Loves current job and would only discuss another if it was really sold well to them
  8. Not interested in a move

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